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    Maria and Phil decided to create a company to sell lavender-based skin and hair care products. Maria picked Rock Creek Ohio for the farm. She chose Rock Creek because her grandparents lived there when she was young. Her childhood memories of that small, rural town were so fond, that she decided there was no better place for our lavender farm. 

    The business is in the process of transferring ownership to Maria and Phil's son Vince and his fiancé Ashlee. They are going to be at all of the upcoming shows, so stop on by and say 'hi'!

    The farm is under construction and located on the corner of Riverdale and Rice Roads in Rock Creek, Ohio. Please visit us there as soon as the farm is complete!  In the mean-time our lavender is planted in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

    Rock Creek Lavender uses non-GMO products. Pure non-detergent goats milk soap, and 100% natural lavender oils. We do offer other essential oils and fragrance oils as well.
    The soap produces a creamy lather and leaves skin soft, and the lavender oil smells heavenly!
    We can make almost any soap you want.  Feel free to message us with ideas for your party, function or gift ideas. Special requests are welcome.
    We can make all colors, themes and variations. We use exfoliant scrubs on request --- sugar scrub, lavender buds, tea leaves, flower buds, sea salt, pink sea salt and oats, to name a few.  We make our soap to order so you're getting fresh, not stock. We ship anywhere.

     Please check out our site under the "Shop" link for skin and hair-care products as well as all other products. 

    We also offer other household products such as, dryer sachets with real lavender buds to freshen your clothes, lavender sachets, wax melts, personal body spray and room freshening spray.

    Thank you for patronizing Rock Creek Lavender!